Laser War Ciudad Real

Team tag laser combat game

  • Unforgettable experience, full of adrenaline and laughter, with your friends.
  • Safe family fun, from 8 years old.
  • Celebration with guaranteed success.

Have fun in Laser War

We are the only lasertag leisure center in Ciudad Real capital providing a service for both children and adults.

Laser Tag Game

The most fun team combat

Food and Drink

Have a drink with your friends and celebrate your events

Other Games

Enjoy table football and other games while you wait your turn

Celebrations with friends, family, neighbors...

Games for the whole family

We are located at 1 Pedro Muñoz street in Ciudad Real (13003)

And we also travel for events in farms, town halls or any large space that allows it.

jugadores en photocall de Laser War Ciudad Real

20 minute games

Plus 15 minutes of preparation

For all ages

Adults and children from 8 years

Team Combat

From 6 to 16 people per game

Cafe Bar, snacks, arcade machines

Waiting room and laser game room

In our facilities we have 2 different areas:

  • One in which the main activity of laser tag is developed
  • Another in which to rest, have a drink, have a snack or play with some of our machines.
celebraciones familiares en Ciudad Real

Laser War Ciudad Real facilities

Do you want to have a fun time with your friends?​

Enjoy the best alternative leisure with your family or friends, in a safe and fun environment.

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