Games in Laser War

In Laser War Ciudad Real you will spend an unforgettable session of adrenaline, fun with your family and friends.

The funniest team laser game

The game is that we will make 2 groups; one will be the blue team and the other the red.

Each one has a base, which will be their point to recharge the weapon or life when the vests are deactivated by enemy fire.

The game consists of getting the maximum number of points.

Points are obtained by shooting the opposing teams and the enemy base.

At the end of the game they will be shown the individual and team scores

Laser Tag Game

The most fun team combat

Food and Drink

Have a drink with your friends and celebrate your events

Other Games

Enjoy table football and other games while you wait your turn

Which team has won?
Who is the best player?

Complete statistics of scores of each player

When you finish each game, you can see the results obtained by each player and each team.

pantalla de estadísticas completas del juego Laser War

Discover our facilities

20 minute games

Plus 15 minutes of preparation

For all ages

Adults and children from 8 years

Team Combat

From 6 to 16 people per game

jugadores en la sala de juego con humo de Laser War Ciudad Real

Laser Tag War Game

The star of our establishment is the team laser combat game.

Totally safe.

Suitable for all ages from 8 years, ideal for families and groups of friends.

The snack and the cake can be brought by you and eaten at our facilities, or bought at our facilities:

meriendas, comida y bebida en Ciudad Real

Enjoy more with the game + snack pack.

In our cafe-bar you can order drinks and food.

Laser game + snack

The snack includes:

  • Soda
  • Food to choose
    (see below)



  • half pizza
  • Nuggets
  • Chicken wings
jugadores en espera en Laser War Ciudad Real


Enjoy a great afternoon or morning with your friends and/or family.

Home service

We move to your location and do the mobile service.

For Town Halls, companies, families and groups of friends.

We have already participated in the festivities of several Town Halls of Ciudad Real and nearby provinces.

Do you want to have a fun time with your friends?​

Enjoy the best alternative leisure with your family or friends, in a safe and fun environment.

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